Terms & Conditions

  1. By registering at 96ACE, you declare to have read, understood, agreed and accepted all the Terms & Conditions applicable at 96ACE.
  2. 96ACE reserves the right to add, delete and replace the contents of these Terms & Conditions at any time from time to time without prior notice to the Member.
  3. It is the Member's responsibility to always read all the Terms & Conditions applicable at the time after login access is done to find out the latest regulatory changes that we do. By continuing to use 96ACE service without first reading all Terms & Conditions, Member shall be declared to have accepted and accepted all applicable Terms & Conditions.
  4. The minimum age limit for enrolling in 96ACE is 18 years or is legally required to meet the minimum age requirement.
  5. Online gambling or gambling or gambling actions are prohibited legally by some countries. You are aware and fully responsible for any online gambling or gambling action that you commit in a personal capacity and not at the will of others. Any legal consequence of your online gambling / gambling action is beyond the responsibility of 96ACE.
  6. Please read all the Rules, Terms & Conditions of each of our affiliate websites before you use the relevant website services. Installation of bets that have been made can not be canceled, all settlement calculation results are FAIR and TRUE in accordance with the decision of our affiliate website.
  7. You are solely responsible for the confidentiality of your username and password. Immediately do the change of password that we first send and do change of password periodically. We are not responsible for any misuse of your account by any other party.
  8. The data you provide at registration is TRUE and ORIGINAL. We will only process all financial transactions based on the bank account data you provide through the registration form.
  9. Immediately inform 96ACE management via our Customer Service if you want to change the old Bank Account, Mobile Number and Email address with latest data. In the absence of a recent change of data report to 96ACE party, any transaction errors based on your old data are beyond the responsibility of 96ACE.
  10. 96ACE strictly prohibits the use of any device, software, "bots", programs or methods applied to result in unreasonable bets and to the disadvantage of 96ACE. Account closure will be made without prior notice and all winnings from the bet made will be canceled.
  11. Slot Games
    Maximum payout of total winnings in Progressive Jackport are as follows:
    • Jackpot Winning below IDR500.000.000
      Max payout = IDR100.000.000
    • Jackpot Winning = IDR500.000.001 to IDR1.000.000.000
      Max payout = IDR 200.000.000
    • Jackpot Winning IDR1.000.000.001 and above
      Max payout = IDR 300.000,000
    *Member who win jackpot MUST provide us the clear screenshot / photo as proof to claim the winnings
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